Building for Success: Trends in Non-Acute Healthcare Facility Design and Construction

June 8, 2018
Originally posted in Insight (Innovatix Magazine) :


Today's healthcare providers operate within the framework of an evolving medical system impacted by volatile external forces. Economic and regulatory factors continually influence changes in:

  • How, where and from whom patients receive healthcare services;
  • Who pays for these services; and
  • The manner in which providers and payers evaluate service outcomes.

Changes are particularly profound in non-acute healthcare settings, such as senior living facilities, pharmacies and physician offices. Senior living providers are focusing on value-based care, which means only those that deliver the best patient outcomes will receive future health system referrals. Increased emphasis on hospital avoidance forces providers to offer additional health services on-site. Pharmacies that provide diagnosis and treatment are becoming commonplace. And physician practices, especially those associated with large oncology groups, may conduct in-house tests previously performed in a hospital setting.

Read this article, written by Gary Feit, MS, vice president of corporate communications at Innovatix, to better understand the trends in non-acute healthcare facility design and construction. 

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