Inspire. Engage. Imagine.

September 6, 2016 Kelli Price

Inspire. Engage. Imagine. These three words define Premier’s vision to transform the healthcare industry. By co-innovating with our members, we are driving change from the inside out, and as the industry evolves, we are pushing boundaries and asking tough questions – all while remaining true to our organization’s values.

That is why 2,000 of our Premier employees came together last week at Values 2016, our annual employee summit. Together we reinforced our values – integrity, passion for performance, innovation and focus on people – and brainstormed how we can:

  • Inspire a culture of innovation;
  • Engage new opportunities to improve our community;
  • And imagine the possibilities of what we can achieve… together.

Here are three takeaways that will help you inspire change in your organization:

1. Remember the Why Behind the What: Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in activities and lose sight of the big picture. Listening to Olympic figure skater and cancer-survivor, Scott Hamilton, share his inspiring story and his experience with the healthcare system from a patient perspective, reminded us of the why behind the what.


2. Give Back to Grow Forward: Our mission as an organization is to improve the health of communities. Which means giving back and volunteering our time. We partnered with Hands On Charlotte to organize a mass volunteer effort for our employees. From building out libraries for the local YMCA to creating jump ropes out of plastic bags to packing backpacks for the Second Harvest Food Bank, we gave back to grow forward in our Charlotte community and beyond.


3. Understand Your Organization from 360°: Siloes can be commonplace in corporate America today. With change happening in healthcare on more of a global scale, now more than ever it’s important to break them down. To help our team members understand more than just their day job. We hosted Premier 360°, a panel session with our investors, members, suppliers and employees, to provide a well-rounded perspective of how what we do as an organization impacts our different stakeholder groups. After all, change starts with understanding.

These are just a few ideas for how you can inspire, engage and imagine at your organization. For more snapshots of our Values Conference, CLICK HERE.

Author information

Kelli Price

Kelli Price

senior vice president, people at Premier, Inc.

I’m a human resources and talent leader from North Carolina who leads the people and workforce strategies at Premier, Inc. When I’m not working you’ll find me reading or holding my new grandson. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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