Data in the Clouds: Enterprise Resource Planning

March 6, 2017 Andy Cole

Cost pressures, evolving payment models, integration in the face of mergers and acquisitions – these are just a few of the pressing issues health systems face each day. One strategy providers are looking to when trying to align decision-making and integration on sourcing and purchasing in this new era of healthcare is the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. ERP solutions can help health systems both improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

But for many, that is easier said than done. While health system leaders are working tirelessly to integrate ERP software across their acquired hospitals, many have found themselves stuck with a fragmented mess of products and data that don’t effectively communicate with each other. Managing multiple products is inefficient and expensive, and can impede health systems from maximizing opportunities to cut costs and improve patient outcomes. Having the ability to access the right data and analytics on one fully integrated and secure platform can reduce unnecessary burdens on staff and streamline decision-making in the midst of the value-based care transformation.

Cyber security is another key area for concern. With the rise of electronic health records (EHRs), there has been an ongoing industry conversation around the security of confidential medical information. When working to automate functions of an ERP such as purchasing, payroll and human resources, technological security should be an important consideration. Cloud-based ERP platforms are an excellent solution for cyber security, offering a secure and affordable option for health systems looking to integrate their software.

Recently, Premier’s own cloud-based ERP solution was ranked “Best in KLAS” for the first time in the category, selected based off user feedback – a true testament to the financial and supply chain capabilities of the ERP solution.

Interested in learning more about Premier’s award-winning cost management solutions? View our ERP Buying Guide or get in touch to hear more.

Author information

Andy Cole

Andy Cole

Andy is currently the subject matter expert on Premier’s ERP and Supply Chain technologies. He has over 18 years of healthcare IT experience, with multiple roles supporting and implementing healthcare financial software systems across a wide range of customers and care settings. Prior to joining Premier, Andy also worked as a hospital consultant on financial workflow optimization and ERP design and utilization.


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