A Dozen Population Health Developments to Watch in 2017

February 6, 2017 Joe Damore

In 2017, we know many changes in healthcare are coming. While there’s much uncertainty, there are a number of population health developments that we expect to see.

  1. The speed of the transformation to value-based care and payment models will continue to accelerate, while payment pressures on fee-for-service models grow.
  2. MACRA to prevail and become both an economic opportunity, and threat to physicians and health systems.
  3. An increase in the number of consumer-driven health plans, and greater price and quality transparency, which will encourage consumers to be more price sensitive and involved in their personal health and healthcare decisions.
  4. The Trump administration to stimulate growth of Medicare Advantage plans and expand similar “Medicaid Advantage” models, and to potentially provide vouchers to Medicaid beneficiaries to purchase commercial Medicaid managed care policies.
  5. More employers to contract directly with integrated delivery systems and clinically integrated networks to align incentives through shared savings arrangements and lower administrative costs.
  6. CMS to release additional physician-led Medicare payment models (similar to CPC+) providing physicians and physician groups the opportunity to lead payment models and accept additional risks/rewards.
  7. Continued growth in physician-owned and venture capital-physician-owned healthcare services to create more price competition for outpatient services.
  8. Demand for greater price and quality transparency to continue as consumers become more responsible for the first dollar and a greater percentage of their healthcare costs.
  9. Consolidation of hospitals, physician groups, health systems, and population health entities to continue in order to expand market reach, and to build scale and efficiencies.
  10. The Affordable Care Act to be “politically” repealed, however many key aspects will be retained, and either rebranded or privatized.
  11. Information technology opportunities to continue to improve in several areas, including for analyzing claims data and managing populations, patient communication, and remote and wearable monitoring services, all of which will enhance transparency.
  12. Investments and research in precision medicine programs to grow significantly to integrate genetic, clinical and claims information, and the social determinants of health into both predictive and personalized treatment models.

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Joe Damore

Joe Damore

Vice president, population health management at Premier, Inc.

I’m a population health expert who helps organizations manage the transformation to population health. When I’m not working, you’ll find me reading, playing golf, exercising and traveling. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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