Premier Inc. Letter to Trump Administration

January 3, 2017

Premier recommended steps the incoming Trump Administration could take to solve some of healthcare’s greatest challenges through innovative solutions with measurable results. As healthcare policy changes are considered, Premier urged President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence to ensure that coverage gains and access to care for all Americans are preserved without placing unnecessary financial burdens on hospitals, physicians or other providers. In its letter, Premier outlined health policy recommendations to remove barriers standing in the way of higher quality, more efficient and coordinated care. 

“Premier’s vision is for a consumer-driven healthcare system, which focuses on delivering and transparently demonstrating improved patient outcomes and experience,” wrote Susan DeVore, Premier President and CEO. “There are, however, major reforms that are necessary to advance this important work. Although American healthcare is the best in the world on many measures, it is encumbered by antiquated rules and regulations that discourage innovation. As you take up the mantle of addressing these challenges, we strongly urge you to focus on driving value-based and consumer-directed payment models and incenting healthcare innovation.”

The recommendations are based on the insights Premier has gained working with its members who are leaders in transforming healthcare and focus on:

  • Creating incentives for delivery system changes that will drive innovative solutions to improving quality and safely reducing costs;
  • Empowering providers and consumers with greater access to healthcare data and interoperable technology; and
  • Bringing costs down through pharmaceutical competition.

Premier also shared with the incoming Trump Administration its Delivery System Transformation Roadmap, which provides more detailed recommendations designed to provide a holistic approach to achieving a high-quality, cost-effective healthcare system.

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