High Reliability Real World Applications

December 8, 2017

High reliability and patient safety go hand in hand. Processes designed and implemented as the standard of care improve safety from harm caused by error and also reduce situations that can cause harm. Safety from overuse, underuse or misuse of therapeutic regimens can improve as standards of care are spread and sustained across an organization. Serious safety events can be reduced along with inclusion of improvement in diagnostic accuracy, standardization of process and application of clinical evidence. Healthcare hasn't reached high reliability and is often satisfied with performance rates below 99 percent. We know that 1 percent in other industries is simply not acceptable. An example frequently offered is from the airline industry...1 percent would mean 180,000 deaths each year or 3 jumbo jet crashes every 2 days. 

In this three-webinar series, high performing hospitals share tested strategies that their peers can implement.

At the conclusion of this three-webinar series, participants will be able to:

  • Describe three challenges in achieving high reliability performance in healthcare;
  • List the characteristics of high reliability;
  • Discuss operationalization of high reliability principles; and
  • Illustrate methods to incorporate HRO strategies to engage all employees in the HRO journey.

Target Audience

All interested in the process to become a highly reliable organization. 

Education Level

Beginner and intermediate


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