Five Essential Survival Skills

June 15, 2016 Susan DeVore

Staying ahead of the curve in an industry that is constantly evolving can be challenging. At Premier we solve this hurdle daily within our own organization and by working with nearly three-quarters of health systems nationwide to help prepare them for future change. This work has revealed essential traits that are necessary for success.

  1. Cooperation. You cannot get there alone. Physicians, hospitals, non-acute care facilities, community organizations, payers, suppliers and other industry stakeholders must work together to create a holistic health system with aligned incentives.
  2. Persistence. Today’s healthcare system requires everyone to have skin in the game. You must be willing to ask for evidence that proves a more costly or risky therapy works better than a similar, less costly or safer therapy.
  3. Curiosity. Never be afraid to ask why, how, what and when. Learning from others is essential for every health system. The ability to easily reach out to peers to see what they are doing to perform better than your organization will help you discover new methods and achieve better results.
  4. Big-Picture Mindset. Integrated healthcare data is key. The more you can do to integrate quality, cost and population health data across facilities, as well as compare outcomes with peers, streamline workflows and make it easy for people to use and understand information, the better off you and your patients will be.
  5. Motivation. Stay committed. When we talk about transforming healthcare, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Remember that the necessary changes are not an end to themselves, they are a means to saving lives and improving our health.

These are just a few tips and tricks. Healthcare leaders attending Premier’s upcoming Breakthroughs Conference have the opportunity to learn more about these leadership traits, as well as current industry trends. Join the conversation. I’ll be tweeting insights throughout the conference @DeVorePremier using #Breakthroughs16.

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Susan DeVore

Susan DeVore

President and CEO, Premier, Inc.

I'm a healthcare executive with a passion for transforming the industry and empowering our members to deliver high quality, cost effective care. I enjoy serving the larger healthcare community and my local Charlotte community. When I'm not working, you will most likely find me spending time with my family and solving puzzles.


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