Biosimilars 101: Facts, Risks and Opportunities

December 20, 2016 Bimal Shah

From precision medicine to “smart pills” with embedded chips, there is no shortage of new innovations in the pharmacy market. One of the most interesting new developments is biosimilar medications.

But what is a biosimilar and how does it work? I address these questions and more in my new e-book, Biosimilars 101: Facts, Risks and Opportunities.

Here is a sneak peek:

  1. What are biosimilars?
  2. What are some challenges with biosimilars?
  3. Are biosimilars a safe alternative for patients?
  4. Should providers be prescribing biosimilars?
  5. Is there a federal approval process for biosimilars?
  6. What does the future look like for biosimilars?

How are biosimilars cutting costs, creating competition and ultimately driving pharmacy innovation? Download the free e-book to learn more.

Author information

Bimal Shah

Bimal Shah

I am a practicing physician who is the chief medical officer of Premier's Specialty Pharmacy team. When I am not working, you can see me on the trails with my bicycle or spending time with my daughter. Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more.

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